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Restricted Keys System

Restricted keys are a key that you can simply get cut if you have the registration card or are the authorized person to get them cut. Why would you want these kinds of keys? Well the major advantage is it prevents superfluous copies being made but there are more advantages as well. Imagine you are having work done on your residence by a builder and you give him a key for convenience, well at the end of the deal you can get the key back knowing 100% that no copies have been made, as a result no bothers about if he had keys cut. Many a time we see customers who prefer their locks changed because they think somebody may have had a copy of a key cut. This can cost you when it doesn’t require to.


One more great use of restricted keys is on the common entrance doors of flats. Only the owners of the flats can get keys cut thus restricting superfluous visitors in the block. Locksmith Newark NJ can give you more recommendation regarding many security aspects including restricted key system.